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Incorporating Environmentally Conscious Companies into Personal Training

Move with a View is a personal training and pilates studio run by Amy Kelley, located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Behind the Scenes Look at Move with a View

Offering both in-person and online services, Amy strives to provide customized programs and guidance to her clients to help them reach their specific goals. What’s so amazing about her in-person services in her home? Her home is entirely off-grid! And if the weather is nice, she takes you to the nearby park or trail to continue your workout!

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Amy to take photos and create a website for her business, which you can check out here. We also had an insightful conversation with Amy about what inspired her business, the challenges she faced, and advice for other entrepreneurs that we want to share with you! 

To follow along with our interview and see some of Amy's environmentally conscious company's practices, keep reading below:

outdoor training as one of Amy's sustainable business practices

Motivation for this Environmentally Conscious Company

"After 30 years of sitting at a computer, my body ached, and my posture was atrocious. I was no longer able to sit or type for any length of time without horrible nerve pain down my leg or arm. I used my downtime during the pandemic to study body mechanics and get certified as a personal trainer and then as a Pilates instructor. So, initially, the motivation behind my studying and certifications was purely for my own benefit, but then I truly wanted to help others move their bodies better and become more pain-free."

Incorporating Sustainable Business Practices into a Service-Based Business

"I need various equipment for my Pilates studio and gym, so I always try to buy used equipment that is well-made and built to last on-island. It's more environmentally friendly to buy used rather than ordering something that requires additional resources, especially here in Hawaii, where everything has to be flown or shipped to the islands, creating an even larger carbon footprint for everything we order.

The energy for the studio comes entirely from rooftop solar panels. We make more energy than we need and send the additional energy back to the grid for HECO to power other homes and


Finally, I consciously decided not to sell branded merchandise (or any merchandise). Does the world need another branded shirt, hat, or towel? We (collectively) need to get a handle on our overuse of the earth's resources."

Business Struggles and Triumphs

"I immediately decided to go independent rather than starting out at a large gym or studio, so I didn't have the pipeline of clients I would have had if I had gone the big gym route. The independent route meant that I could do things my way, give more personalized experiences to my clients, and devote more time to them if necessary, rather than shuttling them out the door so I could move on to the next client. That more focused, individualized attention suits my personality, and my clients also appreciate it. So, while the ramp-up was longer, word of mouth from clients has allowed my business to grow organically and at a pace that suits all of us. "

Greatest Joys

"Meeting new people and being able to help them move better and feel better so they can continue to do the things they love - no matter how old they are."

Marketing Strategy

"Word of mouth is the best marketing method for a service-based business in Hawaii. The coconut wireless is better than any paid marketing. People want to do business with someone they trust, and that trust to try a new business comes through the experiences of their friends, family, and neighbors." 

Amy of Move with a View and her client

Advice for Entrepreneurs

"For any business, make sure you have a good CPA in your corner and keep a close eye on expenses. Make sure you give everyone who comes to your business the star treatment. They should be made to feel special and that you went out of your way for them. You shouldn't be in a service-based business if you can't do that."

Move with a View is an example of a client that is service-based rather than product-based, but we could still work with them! Unlike many of our repeat customers with a business partially based on social media, Amy’s needs were one single project, and everything we created, including our content, was related to the project at hand.

If you are a client looking for one-time help rather than ongoing, send us an email! We are happy to help you in whatever capacity makes the most sense- as long as you share our vision for a sustainable, ethical, and equitable future :)


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