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Welcome Eco Brands!

Congratulations on your efforts thus far to become a more sustainable business! Prioritizing your impact on the planet and the surrounding community takes research, planning, and grit! However, just because you have set out to decrease your overall carbon footprint and market yourself as an environmentally friendly brand does not mean you don't still have room for improvement or need help in other ways. This is where PlanIt Branding steps in.

PlanIt Branding's Services

Select the option below that describes you best

I have created my product and have my business established; how do I make my brand, and how do I get customers?

I know I could incorporate even more sustainable business practices. I'm ready to explore and invest in my business to develop my brand image.

I'm growing steadily. I'm ready to implement more ESG elements, build community, and increase my impact to serve as a change agency. 

Develop a Brand for your Sustainable Business

PlanIt Branding will Build your Brand Kit

The first step to brand building is the creation of your brand kit. Once you have this, you can combine your creative look with your business plan, and you have your brand identity!

We will Perform an in-depth Analysis of your Sustainable Business

 The first step to building a customer base begins with a comprehensive analysis of your social media, website, and competition. Combined with current trend analysis and environmental business recommendations, we will present a strategic and creative marketing plan for your brand.


Eco Brand Building + Mission First Marketing

Creating a Cohesive Sustainable Brand Voice

You have the basics of your branding complete. But the next step is developing and maintaining a cohesive brand voice that speaks to your target market. Ensure all marketing materials look professional while keeping your custom branding. PlanIt Branding will help you with everything related to strategy, including how to message correctly to attract the right customers and retain current customers.


Integration of ESG Values and Practices into your Brand

Incorporate Sustainability into your brand, voice, and messaging so that your customers know you are authentic and honorable in your word and practices. PlanIt Branding will help you incorporate community engagement and contribution across your brand for your employees and customers to take part in.


Shifting Paradigms through Impact Marketing + Leadership

Paving a Path for Others to Follow

Being a trailblazer is not for everyone. It takes a financial commitment and a solid moral guide. It also requires a supportive community of other businesses and community members who see value in ESG business practices. Proof of concept is inspirational to all. Use your successes and failures to help others.

Thinking Beyond Sales, Become a Change Agency

To be a market disrupter in the world of sustainability, you must think beyond margins and attach a new definition to Return on Investment. Your goal must be to make a mark, to be remembered, and to leave things better than you found them. Few individuals will pursue this leadership level, but we could not be more honored to provide aid in that process.

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