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Sustainable Marketing's Role in Environmental Impact

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If our planet is not healthy, our people cannot be healthy.

We must prioritize what gives us life - our air, water, and land. As a remote-first agency, we practice what we preach first, then help our clients communicate and spread the message of environmental and ethical responsibility. 

We work to create more conscious consumers who value where, how, when, and why something has been produced.


We advocate for customers buying less but buying better.


We want our clients to produce and sell less but improve the overall standards of the items they make and sell to maintain a profit and balanced life.


We help our clients transition to circular systems with their packaging and products.

Our green marketing agency spreads a mission-driven message to anyone willing to listen.

PlanIt's Environmental and Community Impact

Our Nonprofit


Did you know that our founder, Alexandra Kahn, started a nonprofit before she started PlanIt? While the nonprofit went through a few name and board member iterations, it landed on and has remained Kahana Foundation. Kahana, which means "turning point" in Hawaiian, signifies a turning point for Alex and for society. Kahana provides free environmental education and events to inspire change.


Their pride and joy is the release of ReUnite US- a feature-length documentary about Honolulu's single-use plastic ban and the individual's ability to influence widespread change.

Through collaboration, community clean-ups, and our messaging platforms, PlanIt Branding hopes to have a long-lasting, positive impact on the world.

There is a demand for environmental education, sustainable behaviors, and local support and spending.

Are you ready to join us?

Local Civics


An essential component of impactful change starts with civics. Our founder was fortunate to have worked with land conservation nonprofits before moving to Hawaii. Since moving, she has worked with energy, waste, food systems, education, and water-focused nonprofits. She has worked to research and write resolutions and bills at the Hawaii State Legislature and worked within the Hawaii House of Representatives for three sessions to better understand local politics. Currently serving on her neighborhood board, she hopes to be able to work with the other board members to improve her immediate community. She is also a member of a group working on environmental policy directly with the Chair of the Honolulu City Council.

Alex believes that understanding local politics will help her understand some of her clients' barriers and connect her with individuals who can ease their burdens. She encourages all her contractors to get involved with change at their local level- whether in their school, workplace, HOA, or even grander!

All change starts with an individual.

Community Involvement


PlanIt is proud to participate in community building by hosting events, attending and speaking at events, and hosting workshops.

Some of the specific ways we have engaged with the community in 2024 so far include:

Planning and Hosting a free and zero-waste Premiere of ReUnite Us at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu

Hosting a free plant-based, plastic-free showing of ReUnite Us at Kahala Hotel & Resort

Member of Hawaii's Chamber of Sustainable Commerce

Guest Speaker at Hawaii's Chamber of Sustainable Commerce February gathering

Hosting a free show of ReUnite US at Kailua Beach Adventures, Hawaii

Hosting a free show and panel for Kailua Intermediate School, Hawaii

Presenting a remote slideshow on fast fashion for Georgetown Day School, Washington, DC

Sustainable Business Practices


To uphold our commitment to the planet and its people, PlanIt Branding is engaged in the following sustainable business practices:


Uses only electric or eco-friendly transportation methods for all work conducted in Honolulu.

We use only reclaimed, donated, or upcycled materials in photo or video shoots.

We utilize AI to decrease waste and transportation affiliated with content shooting.

We work remotely as a team to eliminate travel and office-affiliated carbon footprint.

As a business, we will come as close as we can to offsetting our carbon footprint for the year by planting trees that equal the amount of C02 emissions we have emitted through our website, work-related transportation, and any other office energy usage.

We are pleased to announce an official partnership with One Tree Planted! 

We will be working with our clients to plant trees soon! Donate to plant a tree with us here.

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Businesses must prioritize sustainability

PlanIt Branding is your partner in building a better and more sustainable future. Sustainability is crucial to any business's long-term health and success. Our expert team works with you to develop and implement sustainable practices that benefit your business and contribute to a healthier environment for all.

While hoping to provide education, inspiration, and creative services to our clients and community, we are simultaneously focusing on decreasing our footprint and increasing our positive impact. 


We offer customized sustainability strategies tailored to the unique needs and goals of each business we work with. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business pave the way to a more sustainable future.

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