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PlanIt Branding

Your Creative Change Agency

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Powered by Purpose & Passion

As a mission-first agency, we are both powered by purpose and passion. PlanIt Branding provides impact marketing services and support for brands that value sustainable business practices.

While we are based in Honolulu, Hawaii, our remote-first agency provides green marketing for clients across the globe. 

I am an Eco Brand

You consider yourself an eco-friendly business and are already integrating sustainable business practices. You're seeking assistance with an impact marketing strategy and creative execution. You want to invest in green marketing while simultaneously scaling your business.

Make me an Eco Brand

You are an established business that has decided to integrate more ethical and sustainable business practices across your brand. You want to develop and uphold ESG principles and seek guidance, strategy, and a rebrand to become an environmentally friendly business. 

With over a decade of experience in marketing, PlanIt Branding is a change agency that combines a love of beauty with a passion for the environment. 

We are transparent in our mission, holding our clients to the same standard- together, we focus on creating conscious consumers with our impactful marketing.

We strive for uniqueness - aspiring to stray from the status quo and break from greenwashing brands.


We love this planet and prioritize green business practices and ethics when making all decisions.

Our Team

PlanIt Branding is a remote-first agency headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, serving clients worldwide. Comprised of all female freelancers, our team is passionate about helping sustainable businesses increase their environmental marketing efforts and integrate ESG into their business culture. We value relationships and seek out clients who are the right fit for our business culture. 

Who are PlanIt Branding's Clients?

Do you believe you can be an environmentally sustainable company and also profitable?

Are you looking for a team that understands your mission-first values and will encourage you to adapt even more sustainable business practices?

Are you concerned with the notion of greenwashing and dedicated to being transparent in your practices to be perceived as authentic?

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interior of Protea Zero Waste Store in Kailua Hawaii
Product shot for Verde Collection in Fort Collins, Colorado
Verde Collection
catalog shot for Xero Shoes out of Broomfield, Colorado
Xero Shoes
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