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Video- educational, inspirational, aspirational

Unlike still images, brands can utilize videos to tell stories and share important information. It has been proven that individuals prefer to read less and watch more, so having instructional videos that explain where something is, how something works, how it differs from another product, or how something is made can be an essential tool to beating out your competition. 

Recently, videos have been used as a form of authentic social proofing. Customers are more likely to buy from a brand if they see other real-life customers using that product or service and reviewing their experience. Customers are no longer satisfied with images and descriptions. With greenwashing, technology-based hacks, AI, and ethicswashing, customers trust businesses less than ever. 

Customers seek a sense of community. They do not want to watch actors and models at work- they seek authenticity, storytelling, and an opportunity to engage.


As individuals, we have become accustomed to video content as a form of education, thanks to the news. Now, magazines, influencers, celebrities, and businesses have come to rely on video as the most effective way to translate small amounts of information to an increasingly low attention span.

Additionally, video has been proven to be the most engaging method of content between a creator and their audience. The effectiveness of your video impacts social media algorithms; thus, a lack of investment in your video content will harm the overall results of your social media. 

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