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Green Marketing goes beyond Digital Offerings

PlanIt Branding offers more than just the digital content, design, and promotion of an event- we will also plan and help execute the event. 

Like everything we do, we will try to make your event more sustainable- decreasing waste, plant-based and local food selections, encouraging sustainable transportation, helping to create sustainable gift bags, eco-friendly invitations and RSVPs, plastic-free, and more!

Don't need all our offerings? Let us know what you need!

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Sustainable Business Practices can be classy and save money!

Opting for reusable serviceware, napkins, and tablecloths decreases an event's environmental footprint, but it also makes the event classier and can save the host money!

Not only does single-use plastic harm the environment, but it makes the overall event look cheaper and less attractive. Containers covering tables and filling trash cans are NOT a good look. Unnecessary food waste means money your business throws away, plus added bugs and smells.

Let us help you strategize how to make your event more sustainable and connect you with the vendors to make that plan a reality! 

If you're looking for direct comparison data between your current events and the events we propose, we have a dedicated and skilled team member who can perform audits on both events or show you how to do it yourself!

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oahu beach clean up event

Impact Marketing for an Impactful Event

PlanIt Branding will work with all types of events, including but not limited to film premieres, concerts, benefits, corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, farmer's markets, and festivals. There are so many different options for making an event more eco-friendly. As a business committed to ESG, we want to extend a helping hand to those individuals and organizations we do not typically work with. You do not need to be a regular client to hire us for your event. No package or other services are required, and you can simply choose us to help with one event. Not sure if you're the right fit? 

Integrate zero waste events into your sustainable business practices

We will facilitate and coordinate the necessary vendors so your food waste is decreased and composted and you have no serviceware waste. For Oahu events, we can also arrange for your event's bottles and cans to be collected by Bottles for College- a youth nonprofit that provides local Hawaiians with college scholarships from fees generated at recycle redemption centers.

We also work to find more local food and drink ingredients and increase the use of locally produced and/or grown decor.

As a Mission First Agency, we don't want to stop with waste- let's tackle net zero energy!

Making an event net zero energy is more difficult than zero waste, but there are many ways to approach this challenge.  If energy cannot be created on-site, we provide options for carbon offsets that our clients and the event attendees can engage in. Besides the energy used by the event itself, we take into account the transportation footprint of vendors and attendees and provide methods/potential incentive ideas for lower or zero-emission transportation.

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