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We want to know your mission, vision, values, goals, competition, and customers.

We determine the level of sustainable business practices through an in-depth discussion and analysis.

We also require a social media and external website audit to create any marketing plan. 

*internal website audits to address specific pain points available upon request.

We always recommend having us perform a competitive analysis of social media platforms, websites, branding, surface-level marketing strategy, advertisements, and marketing materials. This analysis gives you a point of comparison to help you see where you are currently lacking and how you can differentiate yourself. Without understanding your brand's competition, how can you expect to compete? 

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Our Goals as a Change Agency 

We aim to put you on an environmentally sustainable and prosperous path that makes you feel hopeful and confident about the future.

PlanIt wants to help you integrate ESG practices throughout your business operations to increase your positive impact on your employees, customers, and community.

Together, we will figure out your goals and create a timeline to achieve them. We can help you create a brand identity, voice, and kit.

Do you need regular guidance to aid in your business decision-making? We offer monthly consulting retainers for just that!

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