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Be an eco-friendly consumer

Buying NOTHING that's not essential is the best way to be an eco-friendly consumer, but it's also unrealistic unless we transition to a trade economy.

Plastic free, eco friendly bathroom products!
Plastic free, eco friendly bathroom products!

So what's the next best bet? Be smart about it!

bring a bag wherever you go. They are small, foldable, and help you to refuse both plastic and paper options. And we mean WHEREVER. On vacation, in your car, out for a walk through town with your dog or friends. Consumption happens when you least expect it so it's nice to limit your waste production by at least having you own bag

  1. Check where the product is made or grown. There are many reasons for this including, supporting local economy, supporting ethical working conditions, supporting ethical and sustainable production methods, and decreasing the eco footprint involved and creating and bringing that product into your possession

  2. Check out your local farmers markets and maker's markets to see who is making what. You'll be impressed by the innovation and creativity!

  3. Learn about alternative technologies and methods and don't let yourself be green washed. It might take you more time, but that's why businesses like ours are here to help you. -->

eco-friendly consumer soap!

Make simple every day life changes when you buy something new

  • energy efficient bulbs

  • trash bags made from recycled plastics

  • opt into a compost program or start composting on your own

  • buy rechargeable batteries

  • buy in bulk

  • refill items you can

  • opt for cardboard over plastic packaging

  • reuse jars for storage

Last piece of advice- Follow Instagram accounts that showcase sustainable brands and technologies to become more educated!

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