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Alexandra Kahn

Founder and Creative Director

Alex brings 10+ years of media production and marketing skills designed to increase brand awareness, address brand confusion, and relaunch brand imagery.

She is a graduate from University of Colorado, Boulder in marketing and digital media. Born and raised in Maryland, she has spent most of her adult life traveling to create content and experience different cultures- all of which translates into her communication and working styles.

With skills in photography, videography, and writing, Alex works with her clients from the initial step to design, execute, and finalize her media projects. Alex combines strategic marketing with artistic media and has worked with small scale and world recognized international brands.

Her process is personal and organic, learning about the client and their need, then making suggestions based upon the client's goal and her artistic vision. She is up for any challenge and is available for any stage in a business's life- from inception to finishing touches.

Alex's passion for helping the environment and inspiring sustainability around her is present in all aspects of her life. She believes in the mission of PlanIt and simultaneously runs Kahana Foundation, in order to provide free environmental education to anyone who wants to learn. She also loves running, hiking, yoga, climbing, surfing and traveling!

Alexandra Kahn
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