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Why does high-quality digital media content matter for Impact Marketing?

The truth is, everyone's competing for the same attention. No matter what you are selling, there is always competition, with other companies offering a similar product or service at competitive prices. This competition drives the need for impact marketing agencies to enhance digital media content quality as it's mostly viewed on computers and phones.

digital media

The Digital Media Era for Impact Marketing

In an online shopping era, the customer experience has completely shifted. Enticing people to purchase products or services has changed from a person-to-person interaction to a digital one. Customers seek videos and images to simplify product information and showcase company values. People want to understand an industry without meeting anyone in it.

I often see companies that understand this shift but have not made the move to invest in their digital media. This investment requires producing quality content that matches the quality of service or product a company offers. The biggest mistake I see many business owners make is assuming that their iPhone photos will suffice when it comes to creating online content.

The Problem With Low-Quality Images

The last thing you want to do when you own a company is to leave a bad impression on first-time customers. When visitors come to your website, the images they see first are crucial. If they see a low-quality image, they might think you are lazy, cheap, and do not care to invest in quality media. 

Potential wrongful assumptions that stem from poor photos: 

  •  your product or service is also cheap

  • your customer relationship management is lacking

  • you'll promise something you cannot deliver

  • you'll claim you can do something that you aren't qualified to do as well as others

  • you take on more than you can realistically handle

No business owner wants people to think their business is synonymous with any of the above descriptions. For this reason, high-quality media DOES MATTER. There are affordable ways to make sure your company does not get overlooked and make sure your impact marketing tactics are working. 

Digital Media

How to Improve Your Content

The easiest way to improve your content is to hire someone who has experience creating media. Digital content creators can be affordable and will work with you to come up with a plan that includes your preferred budget and what they can do for you. This option is ideal since it allows you to learn how to enhance your website without neglecting other business responsibilities.

If you're unsure whether you can afford to take this path, I suggest scheduling a consultation and being upfront about your needs and budget. You may be surprised to find that content creators are accustomed to being flexible and creating bespoke plans for various businesses.

 If you would like to do everything yourself, there is a way to do so. Some tools and tricks are low-budget friendly and available for your use. I am not suggesting that you need a professional, but it might be worth the investment because time is money.

Now onto those low-budget tips and tricks I promised to share with you…

  • Consider investing in a camera or borrowing one from a friend instead of hiring a photographer. This will result in higher quality images for your website, with fewer pixels and a cleaner overall appearance. The camera's automated settings will also help in capturing better photos.

  • Use editing apps like Lightroom to help balance colors and light exposure on your images. 

  • When taking images, it is important to keep them simple by not overcrowding the frame with too many elements or colors. This way, you can produce visual content that can be versatile and will not clash with other images when used for various purposes.

  • Use Canva (there is a free version) to create image covers for your website, social media, and blog.

The reality is, that quality media content is not CRAZY expensive and is an investment that will show its return. Making sure your potential customers leave with a good idea of what your company offers and aren’t overwhelmed when they visit your site is what you want.

Quality Digital Media Content Displays:

  •  You care about your brand image

  •  You want to showcase how great your product or service is

  •  You want the professional nature of your media to reflect the professional nature of your business

  •  You understand the importance of visuals for digital shoppers.

Everybody's path to success looks different as they are learning and growing. What matters most is that you focus on ways in which you can enhance user experience and drive customers to purchase whatever you are offering.

Did we convince you of a media investment yet? Contact us today so we can continue convincing you why you need us :)

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