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How to create the best Social Media ads for your brand

It's not surprise that the Meta algorithms are in charge of all that we see on Instagram and Facebook. We can't beat it, but we do need to join it.

Have you ever noticed that roughly 1 in 4 posts you see while scrolling Instagram are paid ads? Crazy huh. So clearly we need to allocate a budget for targeted ads and boosted posts because it's the modern day method of advertising.

But how do you know what kind of social media ads to make for your brand and where do you even start? That's where we come in to help!

To start, ask yourself the following questions.

Who is your target market?

Now,...Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal clientele. In this head space, go into your Instagram feed.

Notice how about 1 in 4 posts is actually an ad?


Which ones do you stop and notice. why?

Which ones do you click for more info, why?

If you click and go into the instagram shop but don’t purchase, why?

If you click and go into the shop and then head to website for more info, why?

If you still don’t purchase, why?

You need to do your research so you aren’t running blind.

Now once you know what you think you should do you need to hire someone to create your content. Anything a creator will make can be used for SOMETHING even if it doesn’t make sense for ads ultimately.

To test out an ad you can try three styles:

1. A carousel of images featuring one style of product. There should be a professional product image. A still life image of the product. And some photos of the product in every day use. You can also incorporate some minimal text into images to hit some key defining factors as well as a CTA

2. An slideshow of photos with text. The images should correlate to tell some sort of story.  Don’t forget to include a CTA

3. A video. Make sure to find a song that will work for ads, this means original content or something that you can license. Make it short and punchy with a story. Include a CTA in the beginning and end. Don’t forget the first couple seconds are the most important in order to get people to keep watching

Test these three styles on friends and family that fit your target market. Which do they prefer? If there is a clear winner, test this as your first ad in Meta. Don’t forget to define your target audience in Meta so that the right people see your ad. If there isn’t a clear winner you can try all three for minimal days and cash amounts and see which one does the best. Whichever does the best you can run again with a bigger time and cash commitment.

Don't forget that you'll need to do different sizing for each format you want to share an ad to. Meta will give you the dimensions so that you can resize your chosen ad accordingly.

Questions? Contact us today for a preliminary and FREE brain dump session to get you started on your brand strategy OR book us as your remote branding coach today!


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