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How a Sustainable Marketing Agency Approaches Branding

First step- colors!!

How do you come up with a color scheme for your brand and how do you infuse those colors throughout your company in a classy way?

We LOVE Pinterest for getting inspiration of color combos that go best together and we take screen shots of specific colors as well as combos and pull them all into a doc together.

We do a lot of moving and subtle changes. We think about what could be used for fonts, for background colors, for accent colors, etc. This isn’t just about picking colors you love because you have to make sure your fonts will stand out and be easy to read!

Next we start to cross out colors that are super similar but not as good, or ones that we aren’t quite gravitating to.

Next, we put all the individual colors in columns based upon the shade, example, blues, greens, etc. then we start to move all the colors around to see how they look as one collection.

This might sound confusing and we prefer to do this in Photoshop, but you definitely can do this on your own in something as simple as Word!




Feeling overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start?! That’s where we come in! Sometimes you just need that first page of color inspiration for your ideas to come alive!

Accepting new clients both remote and in person!


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