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How to plan out your content!

As a business owner, we are consistently strapped for time. Work seems endless and we are forced to walk away in order to maintain some balance.

With what time we have, we need to be efficient and make sure we are doing things with purpose and direction. This is especially important with content and it’s helpful to make a plan for what content you need for the next 6 months- a year. When do you want to have sales, when will you do holiday promotions, when will you launch new things or collaborate with others, when will you tentatively host events or contests. Write all of this down to the best of your ability.

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Next, where are you really lacking in content and what types? Is your website great but you barely have enough content for social media? Do you only have photos and no video? Do you have all product but no lifestyle content? Is your product content all over the place and lacking cohesion? check out some of these well curated instagrams to see what you can do with your account:

Feeling inspired?!

Content shouldn’t ever be captured aimlessly. The colors, texting, lighting, props, models and locations should all be based upon the brand image you have created and want to maintain.

A few extra tidbits of advice:

1) make sure you know the size of the image you need and if you need horizontal or vertical based upon its purpose

2) if shooting video, make sure the audio is good and the light is good- can’t make up for these mishaps in post

3) think about your brand image but then try to create variety within that spectrum. Different angles, different models, coordinating textures. If you were to envision your brand as a lifestyle, what what it look like?


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