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Why you should hire a professional content creator

Sure we all have camera phones at this point and you might be thinking- why would I ever pay someone to take a photo or make a video?

Here are our top reasons why having high quality content matters and can take your business to the next level.

1. You can’t put phone photos on your website. They are low quality in terms of megapixels and will look blurry or pixelated on your site. Phones also auto saturate and contrast everything, so while it might be great sometimes; it’s not always. It’s often hard to get clean, well lit, crisp photos on your phone that allow users to zoom in for details or just appear sharp to the eye. Professional images makes your business look more professional, go figure! It shows you care and value your products or services and invest in yourself and your business. It makes your quality of product or service appear higher from a psychological standpoint.

Professional product photography for business

2. There are hundreds of millions of posts on social media, how will you stand out with a mediocre image amongst the masses as a new brand? You won’t. It’s hard enough with professional images! But at least with professional images you stand a better chance, you are taken more seriously by your competition and potential customers, and you stand a better change for shares and saves, and thus more visibility.

Guy taking pictures with professional camera

3. If you hire the right photographer, who is experienced in shooting commercial photography, in marketing, and understands your brand and aesthetic, the photographer can essential create what you envision. Have a hard time thinking of what you want and not that creative? The right photographer will have that vision for you and you just get to say "these look great!"


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