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Our Objectives and Goals as PlanIt

we're always striving to become better and improve our business as we work with sustainable companies across the world

We want to provide you with the utmost service and prove to you that we are the best marketing agency for helping you build your business. In our business plan, we've outlined our goals and future plans. We've discussed our services and how to help you achieve your goals as well. We want what's best for you and take pride in helping our clients in the best way possible.

Two girls working on a laptop for an eco business

As a business, we believe making a difference in our community is important. We've partnered with other organizations and even businesses like Protea Zero Waste store to host a variety of cleanups. These experiences keep us going and motivate us to do our part everyday for the planet.

Protea Zero Waste beach cleanup in Hawaii

On top of running PlanIt Environmental Vision and Branding, we also run a nonprofit, Kahana Foundation. Its goal is to increase access to free environmental education and teach young adults how to become leaders, not only for environmental issues but for any major social issues we struggle with today.

The nonprofit’s current project is a documentary film called ReUnite Us , which is about Honolulu's single use plastic ban and how we can be the change for the world as we continue into the future.


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