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How to Talk Effectively About Climate Change

Like anything in this world, everyone has different opinions and different ways of thinking. One of the biggest debated topics turns out to be climate change. We support environmental businesses and we are passionate about not only sustainable business, but the hard truth of climate change. We believe in respecting others opinions, but also educating others on topics they might not know too much about.

Climate change is a generational issue. Many millennials and younger individuals tend to believe in it more, however, it doesn’t matter what people believe because it's not a story, it's science…so let's stop the" he said she said" and focus on trying to find overarching solutions to solve climate change.

climate change

According to Vice News, when they surveyed 1,000 Americans, 45% believe humans are not the cause of climate change and 8.3% denied it's even happening.

The next time you’re at a family gathering and the conversation is getting a little heated because of the debate you're having about if climate change is real or not, here are some tips on how to deal with individuals who might not agree with your opinions --> these lessons can be applied to many heated debates that will be leading up to this year's election!

  • Frame your concern about climate change around shared values you have with that person. They will most likely care about how climate change is impacting a certain part of their life rather than if it’s not impacting them at all.

  • Explain local hazards and impacts happening in your community, rather than global climate issues.

  • Emphasize how those hazards and impacts will affect your audience- it's always better if it's about them

  • Remember to focus on the basics of climate change so that your audience will understand, and pretend they know nothing because potentially, they don't!


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