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Why do my business's sustainable behaviors matter for impactful environmental marketing?

Well everyone is different and we don’t want to lecture you on why you should care. Chances are, if you’re reading this post, you already care. But here are a few blanket statement bullet points to keep you motivated!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


1. Much of the products we buy and consume are wrapped up in fossil fuels in some way, the more we support petroleum based products and manufacturing run on fossil fuels, the more we contribute to climate change, bottom line. We need to seek out a change in production facilities, in industry standards of packaging industries, and we need to support innovative and sustainable fabrics that don’t contain plastics. While yes it’s better to find a use for plastics and reuse them if you’re using a plastic based fabric (basically anything with stretch) rather than discard them, but all clothing that contains any plastic sheds that plastic as micro fibers when it’s being washed, and those micro fibers end up in our oceans and ultimately our water supply. So the best option is to seek out clothing with no trace amounts of plastic. Im determined to find an athletic brand that uses some sort of cellulose based material to provide stretch, but I have found it yet. Please send us a message if you know of one!



2. If all of us suddenly stopped caring about our impact on the environment, the only folks doing something differently would be doing so for ethical or health reasons- so that’s sadly not very many. Millions of small businesses would cease to exist, the air would be dirtier, most animals would all go extinct, forests would be gone, our drinking water would be ruined, natural disasters would wipe out communities across the world, starvation and disease would take over, and life would ultimately become insanely expensive and only the wealthy would survive. Kinda sounds A little like the overall path society is on right now… soo let’s get our there and be role modes and switch things up in the business and consumption world!


3. Your behavior matters because it influences your family and your friends. The way you spend your dollars and encourage others to spend their dollars impacts small businesses and the progression of industries. Just like our role model blog talks about, someone has to pave the path. And if you’re interested enough to be on this website and reading this blog, chances are YOU are going to be the one to pave the path in your community, family and friends circle. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions about what your dollars should go. Don’t be afraid to directly contact businesses who’s products or services you love, but who aren’t engaging in environmentally sustainable practices. Ask them questions, express your opinion, explain why it matters to you, and even offer alternative solutions. They could listen., so why not try!

4. If we ever hope to create or propel a movement, we can only do so by each person understanding that they have an impact and can make a difference. This is the entire basis of the documentary film our nonprofit is currently creating. It’s so easy to and common to think that our actions don’t matter in the grand scheme of things but that’s like saying your vote doesn’t matter. If each person says that, where would we be as a society? How big or small your impact is, is up to you. You can make small changes or not changes. Be vocal or private. You can try to make changes in your school or your children’s school, your work place, your home, your neighborhood. It is only regular people like you that are actually capable of change.

Remember that most leaders ARE elected. Most CEOs started as insiciduals with either great ideas or brains and an incredible work ethic. But most of us start in the same spot and while not all of us have the same opportunities, some of the most brilliant and wealthiest people (not from fossil fuels) were creative and innovative and worked their BUTTS off. Many of them didn’t go to college, or grew up poor. If you don’t believe me, check out my favorite podcast- How I Built This!

Questions or comments? Reach out!


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