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What is environmental marketing?

Environmental marketing is definitely a newer concept and can be interpreted in different ways. I’ll explain how we define it and how the concept defines what we do.

PlanIt defines environmental marketing as marketing that keeps environmental impact at top of mind and that goal is something that we strive for. The environmental component comes first- we think of ways to decrease environmental impact for a brand and once that happens, we market those changes or attributes of your brand. Rebranding often must occur in an attempt to execute environmental marketing, but that’s ok. To us becoming a sustainable business is not about boasting your accomplishments, it’s about telling the world what is possible and inspiring them to reevaluate and pursue a more environmental future for their brand.

In the beginning, we fantasized that we would only work with brands that were already inline with our environmental views, but quickly realized the massive missed opportunity. While at this point, all of our brands are already sustainable or seeking to be more Eco-conscious, we plan to approach brands that maybe have not even thought of this concept, and convince them it’s worth while! We want to provide education to long established brands and show them the value in innovating their operations. It might be awhile until we get there, but hey we just started in March so we are just grateful for what we’ve been able to do thus far!


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