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Top Rated Sustainable Activewear Brands

Fast fashion is OUT and slow fashion is IN. More people are becoming aware of the harmful effects fast fashion has on the environment. As people are pressured to buy the latest trends from cheap and low-quality stores like Shein or Forever 21, it contributes to the never-ending problem of waste that ends up in landfills. In turn, landfills create methane gases. Not only is this waste a problem, but the fabrics that the average clothing is made out of also contain plastics that end up in our oceans, like nylon, acrylic, and polyester. We often don't think about where our clothes are being made. The majority of these big brands are made in clothing factories with unsafe working conditions.

So why is fast fashion still so popular among many individuals?

Fast fashion is cheap, trendy, and new. People are always wanting to buy the latest trends they see on social media to fit in and what better way to get them than at dirt cheap prices? More change is needed, from educating people about sustainable fashion practices to actively taking a role to make changes.

Luckily, more and more sustainable brands are arising. Brands that focus on ethical clothing and sustainable practices.

Here are a few short reasons why sustainable fashion is better:

  1. Lower CO2 footprint

  2. Uses biodegradable materials or ones from natural or recycled fabrics

  3. Saves water during clothing production

  4. Ensures fair working conditions and wages

  5. Produces less waste with long-lasting materials

Along with slow fashion becoming a trend, healthy lifestyles are also becoming “in.” People are always searching for good sportswear- leggings, sports bras, and shorts that are comfy to wear when working out or just lounging around. We polled our followers to find their favorite Hawaiian and national sustainable activewear brands, read on to learn which brands were voted as the best!

Our Sustainable Activewear Favorites

1) Kūmana Activewear was the winner of our sustainable activewear poll and is taking sustainable activewear to the next level. They were one of our very first clients!!

They've deeply engrained their values and mission to in what it means to be "#ainaminded." 'Āina means to care for the land and appreciate the resources and gifts it offers us.

They are an ethical activewear company that focuses on making clothes that are top quality, with classic styles that will last a lifetime. Kūmana tells us they always "design with intention and a connection to Hawaiian culture."

They're transparent when it comes to their manufacturing, processing, and shipping. All of their fabrics are made with recycled materials, including fishing nets and plastic pulled from the ocean. The clothes are made in Bali by a small manufacturer that is woman-owned and operated! Not only this, but they also have compostable packaging, ensuring every process is environmentally-friendly.

2) A company with a desire to change the world of activewear fast fashion, Rika Hawaii was born to create change and inspire others.

sustainable activewear

Another winner of our local sustainable activewear poll, the founder reflects, "I feel grateful to combine my passions for sustainable living with yoga and exercise. I spent many mornings during the pandemic picking up micro-plastic and then crafting bookmarks with them at night. I started my worm bin, found refilling options, and even made my own milk." She was tired of fast fashion and saw her workout clothes lacked sustainability. She turned her dreams into a reality and came up with Rika Hawaii.

sustainable clothing

This activewear brand uses 100% single-use plastic-free materials and reuses recycled materials to make their fabrics, like ECONYL, recycled yarn, and post-consumer plastic bottles.

3) Another winner of our poll, Mate the Label, is a national sustainable activewear brand that we love. They are super transparent on where they get their materials and how their clothes are made- something every conscious consumer should look for. They've made it a goal to decrease their carbon footprint by making smarter choices and committing to do better for their consumers and planet.

active sustainable leggings

Mate the Label is based in Los Angeles and is made with natural and organic materials. They use organic yarns and ensure fair working environments and wages for their workers. They are a woman-operated company, have a recycling program to take old garments back, and have eliminated plastic in both their materials and packaging.

4) Specializing in yoga wear that is sustainable and ethically made is the sustainable company, Indigo Luna, another a winner of our poll. They are a small family-run brand that is based in Australia but has their clothes made in Bali. They are truly rocking what it means to be a slow fashion company!

sustainable clothing brands

All their clothes are cut, sewn, and dyed by workers who are treated fairly in safe

working conditions. They even use plant dyes to get the unique earthy colors of their beautiful clothe

s. Under the sustainability section of their website they write, "choose well, buy less, make it last." While this statement may be brief, it sure is powerful.

The first step of slow fashion is asking WHY before you buy

If you want to become a conscious consumer, you need to become more aware of your spending habits. Ask yourself if you really need a product that will likely go out of style in a year. A YouTube video titled "The Monster in Our Closet" produced by Patagonia does a great job of highlighting why fast fashion is so bad. It's really inspiring and motivating, definitely worth checking out!

There are so many sustainable brands out there, these were just a few we love and think are amazing! Now's the time to be the change and make conscious decisions, not only in purchasing clothes but in every aspect of your life!


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