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Top Eco-friendly life hacks

What is an Eco-friendly life hack? Well I guess its something we made up, but essentially it’s different easy things you can do in your daily life to decrease your environmental impact! Our goal is to provide you with the simplest, cheapest options but some might take more effort than others. Also, some of these are SO basic but nothing wrong with a reminder

  1. Watch your electricity: Turn off lights when not using. Unplug appliances when not using and especially if you’re going out of town unplug everything but refrigerator (they still using electricity just by being plugged in). Turn off anything you aren’t using. If you have multiple things to bake, do it in a row while oven is still hot. Same with laundry. It uses less energy to continue using these heat sources while they are already hot than to let them cool and heat them up again! Try to not use that AC or heat and instead up for fans/blankets, less/more clothing!

  2. Drive less: when you can, carpool, walk, bike, skate, or take public transportation. It saves you money, you often get exercise, it decreases overall traffic on the road making for safer driving conditions overall, and it helps the planet!

  3. Eat local/as close as you can and eat seasonal. We have already mentioned this before but the carbon footprint of shipping non local and non seasonal food is huge and sadly a huge amount of the food spoils during the journey. It’s also important to support your local farmers because less local demand means they have to charge more or have to make sacrifices in quality to keep up with prices from abroad and ultimately your local economy suffers.

  4. Buy preowned! - furniture, clothing, books, heck even plants! Otherwise when people discard of them, they become trash. The reality is there is nothing wrong with most of the items that are discarded, they are simply unwanted. If there is something wrong with it, perhaps there are parts of it that could be salvaged? Get creative! Saves you money and saves the earth!

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