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Making Fashion Long-Term: What is the Future of Fashion?

Let's face it, we live in a society of consumption. Even if we know we have enough, we see that shiny/soft/colorful/big (insert your trigger) and suddenly all rationale is out the window and we attempt to justify the need for just that one more thing. But why? Why do we feel some sort of satisfaction when we get something new? Is it the item that actually has to be new? Or really does it just need to be new for us?

This topic can be debated- some will say they would never want a discarded hand me down, whether from a family friend or stranger. Others look at vintage hand me downs as iconic relics to be preserved and treasured. There's another category that looks at these gently used items as a way to save money and still be able to get things that are "new for them." And there is another category yet, that thinks about the environmental impact of consumption and evitable waste cost through excess consumption, and it is this group that seeks a more circular system, and thus seeks out these used items. Or perhaps you are a combo because you see multiple benefits do the vintage life.

sustainable clothes are the future of fashion
purchased at Plato's Closet

I am not here to tell you that a certain way of thinking and feeling is wrong or right. We all have different priorities, and even different needs. I'll always promote purchasing more ethically made and sustainably sourced items, but I realize the price point of these new things is well beyond the means of most, often including myself. But my quest to be a more conscious consumer and sustainable shopper quickly changed from trying to buy the coolest technological items that were made of plants by hand, to purposefully seeking out only used items. In fact, I found that if I adjusted my expectations to seek out gently used, and in my opinion, hidden treasures, no longer wanted by one and suddenly sought by me, I was not only saving exorbitant amounts of money while still having things that felt new, I was also, ideally, helping to slow the speed of mass production around me.

I quickly realized that affordable fast fashion was pretty much the worst thing I could purchase.

sustainable clothing
getting creative with vintage clothes

However, it was affordable, and it was everywhere. If I wanted to seek out sustainable items. There was a lot of research involved , and these items were pricey, yet incredible. However, there is still a footprint involved when creating anything new, so I sincerely believe that the cheapest and most environmentally friendly thing to do is to barter for things you want and need, and buy things that are gently used.

fully thrifted outfit
thrifted outfit

Over the next couple months, we will be taking a deeper look into the world of consumption. We will be doing research, talking to people in the field, highlighting things that we discover, and providing you with the education you need to make the decision that you think is best for you.

As always, we encourage open discussions. We want questions and we ourselves seek answers. I encourage you all to participate in the conversation of sustainable fashion!


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