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Why Hire a Marketing-Forward Photographer?

Sure, we all have camera phones at this point, and you might be thinking- why would I ever pay someone to take a photo or make a video? Well just because you own it, does not mean you know how to use it :)

These are the top reasons high quality can take your business to the next level.

marketing- forward photography from PlanIt Branding

High-Quality Web Content

Unless you are shooting on a high-quality phone set to the proper settings and understand how to use light and edit your RAW camera photos... you will be disappointed if you put these on your website. Not to mention, it will degrade the quality of your brand.

Phones also auto-saturate and contrast everything if you shoot in JPG format rather than RAW, so while it might be great sometimes, it’s not always.

Are you unsure what the difference between JPG and RAW is or how to set your phone up with the optimal settings? This is just another reason why it's nice to hire some help and ditch the headache.

It’s often hard to get clean, well-lit, crisp photos on your phone that allow users to zoom in for details or appear sharp to the eye. Most professional websites selling high-end, well-made products like shoes and jewelry often give you the option to zoom in and inspect the details prior to purchase, which gives you a closer feeling to shopping and seeing in person.

Professional images make your business look more professional—go figure! They show that you care about and value your products or services and invest in yourself and your business. They also make the quality of a product or service appear higher from a psychological standpoint, which ultimately helps you stand out against the crowd.

Opt for a marketing-forward photographer who will assess your current website and give you recommendations for the exact images you need. Don't have a website? Opt for a photographer who can work with you or your web developer to come up with a content strategy so that you are paying for pre-determined content rather than winging it.

PlanIt Branding requires a website audit before we do any work on your website. The depth of the audit is based on the type of business you have, the type of website you have, and what you hope we can do for your website. Our web developer, Lowell Burton, and our creative director, Alex Kahn, will take an in-depth look at your website's front-end and back-end holes, which often include content.

Website audits are a FULLY separate conversation and require their blog, so keep an eye out for a blog all about the types of audits we offer to our clients as of 2024!

PlanIt Branding's marketing-forward content director

Stand Out with Social Content that is Marketing-Forward and Embodies your Brand

There are hundreds of millions of posts on social media. How will you stand out as a new brand with a mediocre image amongst the masses? You won’t. It’s hard enough with professional images! But at least with professional images, you stand a better chance. You are taken more seriously by your competition and potential customers, and you stand a better chance for shares and saves, and thus more visibility.

Your feed will also look nicer, so when potential customers are browsing and happen upon your wall, they will take more time to investigate. However, it's not enough to hire a professional photographer with the assignment to "take this photo." You can do that, but it is better to work with a photographer with a marketing background or even an agency, like PlanIt Branding, that can integrate marketing into your content plan.

It's valuable to assess your competition and target market. What sort of photos are your ideal customers posting and commenting on? What about your competition? Are your photos specific to your brand in color, theme, and styling, or could they be mistaken for stock photography?

A marketing-forward photographer will analyze what has performed the best for your brand and make suggestions and a plan based on that. These decisions will even impact the models you cast, how they pose or do not pose, how you style them, the location you select, and the expression on their faces. There SHOULD be much thought put into your photography because the reality is, with social media and a global market, there are businesses out there probably creating something very similar, and you need to do all you can to present yourself as a valid contestant. It's competitive and time-consuming, but it's the world's reality right now!

A marketing-forward photographer will also know whether or not UGC is an intelligent move for your business and the style of UGC that makes sense and will complement the rest of your marketing. This goes for wall posts and the style of the story.

Speaking of stories, more people watch stories than scroll walls, and paid ads are an integral part of stories as well. If your ads will not share UGC or some reposted tidbit related to your brand, take the time to make high-quality stories worthy of generating a comment or DM.

Our advice: Don't half-ass anything. This is your business. This was your idea. Don't sign on to be an entrepreneur if you won't give it your total effort. No one is making you a leader, and no one is holding your hand (unless you pay us too! Haha), so you need to be your champion and give it your all!

A marketing-forward photographer can help bring your dreams to life.

If you hire the right photographer who is experienced in shooting commercial photography in marketing and understands your brand and aesthetic, the photographer can essentially create what you envision. Do you have a hard time thinking of what you want and are not that creative? The right photographer will have that vision for you, and you just get to say, "These look great!"

They will present a strategy and a vision for you to confirm or tweak and will allow you to be a part of the creative process. But it is a creative process, and you did hire them for their work and vision, so you need to find someone you can trust and relinquish some of the control, or you'll never get anywhere.


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