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What to pack to make your trip more sustainable!

Traveling has a big carbon footprint, and although we can "offset" our carbon for the flights we take, it's hard to know how much offsetting we are actually doing. There are other ways that we can simultaneously work to decrease our environmental impact and these are ways you might not have thought of- what you pack- PLUS, how you get around once you arrive and what you buy!


What I pack:

1) Kealia Organics Lavender Shampoo and

Conditioner Bar in tin

2) Reef safe sunscreen that aren't in plastic containers! - Little Hands Hawaii and All Good Sunscreen

3) Reusable shopping and produce bags- Protea Zero Waste Store

4) Refillable mini plant-based, organic skincare products- Oahu Organics

5) Wowe Lifestyle Bamboo Toothbrush and Bite toothpaste tablets

6) Insulated reusable water bottle- so many great brand options these days!


7) Elate Beauty organic, cruelty free makeup in

bamboo packaging

9) Reusable everything bag- Torrain

What I do to decrease my impact when I'm there

1) Walk or bike whenever I can

2) Take public transportation if walking or biking isn't possible

3) Eat local and seasonal foods

4) Shop from local businesses

5) If purchasing items that require packaging- buying larger packages so not as much packaging is purchased overall

6) Be equally conscious of how much energy and water I'm using in my hotel room or rental unit


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