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level up your digital marketing through These simple, quick, online resources

A fascinating and overwhelming part of marketing is that it’s ever-evolving and constantly changing. This is in part thanks to algorithms created by the apps we use and social trends. So how do we keep up? How do we make sure that what we know and what we do is relevant? There’s no simple solution aside from constantly learning.

Fortunately, many of the popular apps we have all come to rely on for scheduling have become so much more- offering tips, trends, and analytics to aid us on our social journeys.

Additionally, many of these apps offer free online workshops, very informative emails with blog links, and cohesive trend reports. Below is a list of some of our favorite go to sources for learning more!

Free Online Resources

  1. Later - a social media management tool with extensive influencer marketing and social media resources, webinars, and guides to keep your content creation skills up to date

  2. Hootsuite - management dashboard for social media with free social media strategy and report templates so you can level up your online presence and effectively engage with your audience

  3. Plann - social media content planner that offers free social media training and email updates on the latest tips to help grow your business

If you’re looking to deep dive into a topic and willing to invest some money, there are paid resources that you can explore as well. Based on recommendations or simply good marketing, there are a few we have considered trying and are worth checking out.

Example of Plann email

Worth the Investment

  1. LinkedIn Learning - an online skill building platform with valuable courses, learning resources, and certification programs valuable for business owners and employees alike

  2. Masterclass - thousands of online classes on topics spanning from business and writing to wellness and visual arts taught by reputable industry leaders

  3. Coursera - online learning platform with courses, professional certificates, university degree programs, as well as some free courses to take advantage of covering an incredibly wide array of subjects

Coursera course options for pay

Additionally, as an entrepreneur, I can tell you how important it is to be inspired by fellow entrepreneurs- whether they are a circle of friends or other professionals out there simply crushing it. One of the easiest ways to get this inspiration is through podcasts! Listen while you drive, hike, clean, or even edit content.

Below are a few of our favorite podcasts that inspire and teach us new things!

  1. How I Built This - the ultimate source for inspiration. Learn what sort of perseverance it took many of the founders to create the businesses we know and love

  2. The Wanderlover Podcast - many targeted topics to help you where you might be struggling as an entrepreneur

  3. How to Save a Planet - to learn more about the environment, different technologies, and more facts that you can integrate into your messaging strategy

We are always looking for more sources of inspiration, so drop us a line if you have recommendations for us to check out!


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