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Top Rated Plant Based Restaurants on Oahu

More and more people are adopting plant-based lifestyles and more companies are responding by opening up more plant-based restaurants and offering vegan dishes as the demand grows. According to a study conducted by Ipsos Retail Performance, the number of vegans in the U.S increased from 290,000 in 2004 to almost 10 million in 2019. More consumers are switching to veganism, for health, animals, and the earth. An article reports, 62% of consumers say they eat meatless meals at least once a week.

Here are a few ways a plant-based diet is beneficial according to

  1. Reduce inflammation

  2. Reduces your risk of diseases

  3. Plants are high in fiber

  4. Helps to maintain a healthy weight

  5. Important for body's long-term health

We recently conducted a poll on our Instagram to see our audience's favorite plant-based restaurants on Oahu. Here are the restaurants that we polled so you know which one to pick based on what type of food mood you're in!

If you're looking for good Sunday brunch spot, check out these plant-based restaurants:

vegan smoothies!

Olena cafe is located in the Ala Moana area serving delicious juices, smoothies, coffee, and healthy breakfast items. Their food is affordable and super tasty. Even better, they support local farmers and businesses which truly shows how they are a sustainable restaurant.

our favorite plant-base restaurants

Plant based paradise is located both in Kailua and Kaimuki, with scrumptious sandwiches, wraps, and bowls to complement your drink of choice, smoothies, or coffee. Not only is their food aesthetically pleasing, but it's filled with flavor and is so nourishing! Come for the food- but stay for the yoga at Yoga Under the Palms!

plant-based and delicious

Raised by the waves is located on the North side of the island and is a bit of a drive to Kahuku, but SO worth the tasty organic and locally sourced food. They serve yummy smoothies and bunch of savory dishes from nutritious bowls to toasts topped with goodness. If you're up for something sweet, they have a wide range of smoothie bowls and refreshing drinks to cool you down after a long beach day. Some of their most popular dishes are the raw "seed cheeze" pate, gluten-free sunrise waffle, and vegan spicy beet poke bowl. They are also 100% plastic free!

plant-based meals

Leahi health has four locations in Manoa, Kaimuki, Aina Haina, and Koloa (Kauai). They use fresh vegetables and fruit grown right here in Hawaii! They also make a special kombucha that has so many health benefits. You won't be disappointed with anything from their menu whether it's a smoothie, a salad, or a hearty bowl. They have everything you could ask for in a plant-based food spot!

our favorite oahu restaurants

The Beet Box Cafe is also located in Haleiwa on the North Shore but has a second location in Kailua! They serve organic food with locally sourced ingredients and one of our favorite dishes is the Zen bowl. They have plenty of unique acai bowls to choose from and breakfast and lunch items to make your stomach happy! Their most popular items are banana oat pancakes for breakfast, the 'hello burger' with a veggie burger, and the 'yogi bowl' comprised of yummy vegetables and grains.

If you're in the mood for a good lunch/dinner spot, check out these places:

food shared with friends on Oahu

Located on the North Shore of Oahu, Farm to Barn is a favorite by many. The atmosphere of this place is like no other, with live music shows on the weekends and sunset/sunrise yoga in their beautiful outdoor space. Their ingredients are sourced from local farmers, ensuring every dish is sustainable, good for the environment, and your body. They have many options including grass-fed beef burgers, bagel sandwiches, nutritious bowls, and many drinks to go with your food. If that doesn't convince you try them out, they also make sure to use biodegradable and recyclable packaging!

vegan food in oahu

If you're in the mood to sit down and have a fancy dinner, Nature Waikiki is the place to go. They are a french restaurant taking organic food to the next level and offering different vegan options to choose from. They use local ingredients and French techniques to serve delicious meals. They offer a 6-course tasting menu, vegan and nonvegan, and an ala-carte menu in the bar area.

healthy food in oahu

Barefoot Beach Cafe is a casual restaurant with an amazing view of Waikiki beach. They have live music every night and great food. They have a good amount of vegan options to choose from, as well as other healthy items. Located just steps from the beach, the whole restaurant is outdoors! Try their vegan take on Loco Moco!

plant-based sushi

A nice sit-down restaurant is Tane, serving fully plant-based Japanese dishes. They have everything from Ramen, big plates to share, Nigiri, and plant-based sushi rolls made with ingredients like tofu, beets, sweet potato, and yummy vegetables. Located on Beretania street in Honolulu, this place is truly unique and definitely worth a try. Some of our fav dishes are the Wedge, Point Reyes, and the Brussels!

farm to table food

Juicy Brew is located in Kaimuki and another amazing casual plant-based restaurant. Their most popular items are the popcorn "chick'n" 'n waffle, the golden milk mochi, Hirata Buns, Wabi Sabi moco, and watermelon or tofu poke. But they serve so much more including salads, burritos, tacos, curry, and more. If you're in the area, they are definitely worth a try!

healthy food in Oahu

Ethiopian Love is a vegan Ethiopian restaurant in downtown Honolulu. They have yummy traditional dishes like Romi spicy stew, veggie sampler, Shiro, Azifa and more. This spot became plant based during the pandemic but appears to be closed right now!

Plant-Based Food in Hawaii

Peace Cafe serves flavorful food using whole and organic ingredients provided by local farmers here in Hawaii. Located in Honolulu, the ambiance of this place is special as they always have ambient music and a peaceful atmosphere to make you feel at home. They have a handful of unique dishes like katsu curry, bbq tempeh plate, soy soba salad, and more.

If you have a sweet tooth, you'll need to try these places:

vegan doughnuts in oahu

Holey Grail is a unique donut spot that is a MUST try if you're in the mood for something sweet. They serve quality and fresh ingredients without artificial colors or flavors. They incorporate sustainable agriculture into their food and also have 100% compostable packaging. They're special because they use taro as their starch and then the donuts are fried in coconut oil. They are always made-to-order and have seasonal flavors so you never get bored. The taro is Hawaii grown and the cacao they use is also from farms here in Hawaii. They are located in the Ward area on Oahu and also have a food truck in Waikiki. They also have locations in Kauai and Los Angeles!

plant based breakfast in hawaii

Lilili Donuts is located in Kailua serving donuts and coffee if you're in the mood for something sweet, but also has sandwiches and salads. Their donuts are gluten-free, vegan, and are always made fresh to order, what more is there to ask for? They also are at various farmers' markets around Oahu, be on the lookout for this tasty spot!

home baked plant based food

Little Vessels is another great donut spot. They are 100% vegan, made with coconut milk and oil and made in small batches so that none go to waste. Their flavors are truly unique and nothing like you've ever tasted. They're located in Honolulu in Kaimuki and handmade with a lot of love!

Are you convinced to try out these places?!? Going plant-based doesn't have to be hard, you can start off slow and work your way up from there. It can make a big difference to your health, the environment, and protects the animals. Take the right step for your body and our planet, choose plant based!


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