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My Journey to Create PlanIt Branding- Hawaii's first Change Agency Focussed on Green Marketing

I have always wanted a job that didn’t feel like work. Something that I could be excited about every single day. A job that would combine the things I care about and I’m good at to make a difference in the world around me.

My Eco-Conscious Upbringing

I grew up in a home that always valued the environment. We had a food garden, we composted and we recycled. In my home, we never left the faucets running or the lights on. To me, this was normal behavior, not “acts of sustainability.” My family did not understand why people would create excess waste, leave leftovers uneaten, and neglect the option to reuse their containers. To me, that eco-conscious thinking was normal.

As I grew older, I realized that my family was anything but the norm.

I have been blessed with this unique outlook on the world and my impact within it. Throughout my life, I was exposed to beautiful places others have only dreamed about. Consequently, I developed a relationship with nature that feels like an unbreakable bond. When I am in nature, I feel relaxed, adventurous, and free. This way of living and thinking has directly translated into the person that I am today.

The Vision for an Environmental Marketing Agency

Green marketing

When I started this green marketing agency years ago, my vision was always to work in the environmental business world. I wanted to study eco-marketing in school, but was told such a program did not exist yet. I realized I would have to pave my own unique path. I would learn things through internships, jobs, volunteering, traveling, and my community. 

I tried to work within the categories of nature, healthy food, and sustainability. But to be honest, I went astray if money got tight. I feel so grateful that PlanIt Branding is a culmination of my skills, passions, and belief systems.

The Dream of O'ahu

A few years ago I decided to make O'ahu my home. I hardly knew anyone here or had any connections. I didn’t even know where on the island I wanted to live, but something about this beautiful place and culture was calling me.

This place is unlike any other developed place I have ever been. There is a connection to nature that runs deep; it is the pulse of this land and its people. I quickly got involved with different environmental nonprofits and learned about environmental policy. Soon, I started to make friends who saw the world as I saw it and wanted to make it better, just as I did.

Here I am, six years into living in this incredible place. There isn’t one day that I take it for granted, not one day that I wish this wasn’t the place I called home. Every day I love it more. It is this love for this place that makes my desire to protect it even stronger.

owner of PlanIt Branding

Green Marketing- Powered by Purpose

Finally, approaching 36, I have learned to use my experience and passion to provide sustainable marketing services to clients in Hawaii, as well as across the globe. I want to work with businesses that are already eco-minded but may be struggling with how to grow and market themselves in this emerging trend. I want to help them become even more sustainable and be great role models in the community.

Many businesses know little about sustainability and value it only because they are required to- see the growing trend. These companies are the ones who decided that re-strategizing and rebranding towards more environmental ways was the direction they wanted to take their company. I want to go to these companies as a resource, a guide, and a visionary. They can utilize PlanIt's guidance with sustainable business changes, messaging, and a full rebrand.

Digital Marketing and Sustainable Services for Clients

I think there is still room for growth in the area of purposeful marketing and environmental consciousness for businesses. Many businesses might just not understand how to integrate their business to be eco-friendly.

Our goal is to help businesses, help people, and help the planet. We work above and beyond with our clients. We research, get involved with legislation and community issues (I serve on my Neighborhood Board), and talk with businesses, suppliers, and customers. Environmentalism runs through our veins and we want to share that passion and knowledge with the world.

Do You Integrate Green Marketing in Your Business? Let us know in the comments below!


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