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Silencing Keywords: Europe's Game-Changing Policy and its impact on greenwashing and marketing

I'll never forget the first blog I read about this fast-fashion brand dropping a 'sustainable line.' I was skeptical, thinking, "There's no way they're really going green, right?" So, down the rabbit hole of research I went. Turns out, the only thing eco-friendly about their new clothes was the material for the tags! Can you believe it? It made me realize how tough it is to spot genuine sustainability in the fashion scene.


greenwashing terms banned in the EU

And just when we thought the green game was getting confusing, here comes a revolutionary move in Europe. They're planning to ban eco marketing terms, including favorites like eco-friendly, green, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. These words won't be your SEO magic bullets anymore. But you know what? It might just be the solution we need to tackle the greenwashing predicament that's been messing with our eco-conscious minds.

So what does this mean for marketers and consumers?

Since the birth of digital marketing, keywords have been the cornerstone of SEO, dictating visibility and optimization. Whether you’re aware of it or not, every time you read a blog the author has chosen a select group of words that got you to stumble upon their writing. Without the crutch of green terms, marketing strategies are obliged to be more nuanced and context driven. This re-imagined content calls for both authors and readers to deeper understand why they wanted to rely on these buzzwords and what they actually mean to tell you with their messaging. 

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Combatting Greenwashing

Europe's goal in prohibiting the use of these eco terms to combat greenwashing- when companies deceptively market products as eco-friendly. The ban of such words, which are usually associated with greenwashing, is the catalyst in demanding more accountability from companies. This new call to revise marketing strategies is what will propel businesses towards authenticity, transparency, and a more genuine commitment to sustainability. 


Our Response 

The new phase in global marketing tactics demands marketers to evolve and adapt their strategies. In light of the ban, content creators are called to embrace alternate keywords and educate consumers in a way that will empower them to discern genuine environmental initiatives from deceptive eco marketing. The future of digital marketing will need to confront the pervasive issue of green washing and foster informed decision-making, driving a shift towards ethical consumerism. 

PlanIt's Path Forward

When we first heard this news, we panicked. How will this impact our business and the way we are discovered by clients genuinely interested in these topics and our services? But in reality, perhaps it was just the boost we needed. There are so many ways that a business can show who they are and what their values are aside from keyword stuffing. From the organizations and nonprofits a business partners with, to their incorporation of a circular model with their products or packaging, to full transparency of their manufacturing process, and more.

If you too felt a sense of panic when you heard this, wondering how you will reach your like minded customers, knowing that you DO the right thing and DO NOT greenwash your customers, you are not alone, and also- we are here to help. We can work with you to develop an action plan for a variety of ways in which you can make your environmental and ethical ethos known to your audience. We will work with you on your messaging strategy, partnerships, and even in-house policies, to put you on the right track the signifies to the world that you are making bold moves for the right reasons.

"two paths diverged in a wood, and I took the path less traveled." This is one of our favorite quotes and something we live by. While the path to sustainability is currently the path less traveled, with our help, your help, and the right, we can make that the every day path to follow!

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