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Organic Plant- Based Skincare- Oahu Organics

Based on the island of Oahu, Oahu Organics is a plant-based skincare company offering a wide variety of natural skincare products. The company uses organic and sustainably-sourced local ingredients and is both water and chemical free.

The Start of Oahu Organics Plant-Based Skincare

Oahu Organics was founded in 2018 by Melanie after she developed a skin allergy to sulphates, a commonly found ingredient in skincare products. She struggled to find all natural alternatives due to hidden product ingredients, so she decided to do her own research into skincare. Through her research, she created a simple, natural cleanser and moisturizer that started to heal and clear her skin. Wanting to share her creation with the community, she brought her product to local farmer’s markets and began collaborating with the farmers she met there.

Oahu Organics Now

Four years later, Oahu Organics now works with farmers across Hawaii, sourcing natural ingredients such as Hawaiian hibiscus flowers, moringa, and Hawaiian turmeric to create her nutrient rich products. The company now offers over 40 products and ships worldwide.

Oahu Organics continually pushes itself towards its sustainability goals, and in 2023, the company announced that they were 100% Reuse / Recycle / Refill on all products. They hope to achieve our accreditation as a zero waste skincare company before 2025.

Our Work with Oahu Organics

At PlanIt, we are grateful to have the opportunity to work with brands such as Oahu Organics and learn from the people behind the business. Through our collaborations with Melanie, we have learned her appreciation for having a great team alongside her that shares her values and understands her vision for the company. We asked her for any advice she would give to other entrepreneurs, and she shared that having clear goals- long, medium, and short-term, is incredibly important. Set a clear path to achieve those goals but be ready to adapt if you need to. And most of all, have fun and take the time to enjoy what you are creating!

Be sure to check out the Oahu Organic’s website to learn more about the company, browse their products, and learn more about the best skincare tips for your unique skin!

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