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Make your Business more eco-friendly through the packaging and tags you choose!

Getting to the nitty-gritty of what it takes to make your business environmentally friendly is more simple than it appears. Small changes can have significant impact- don't forget that!

When you’re on the road to making your business more sustainable, it can be easy to overlook the small things. From administrative tasks to methods of getting your products to clients, PlanIt’s got you covered.

Although it may seem like a daunting task, figuring out ways to deliver your products is an integral part of making your business more environmentally friendly from start to finish.

breakdown of sustainable packaging and tags

Alternative Styles of Tags

Finding the right type of tag for your items can seem like a tedious process, but that’s why we’ve made it simple for you! Without a tag, your final product is incomplete. The type of tags you use are essential to upleveling your sustainability efforts within your business. From the tag itself, to what you use to attach it to the product (i.e: bamboo string, cotton string, safety pins)-- we’ve created a list below with different options.

1) Flower tags

Flower tags are a unique way to provide an extra special experience for your customers. Flower tags are awesome because once you plant them, the paper itself composts and you’re left with a new plant! How cool is that?

product tags made from flowers

One brand making these is Botanical Paperworks. They describe their products as “Plantable paper is a biodegradable eco-paper made with post-consumer and post-industrial paper waste that is embedded with seeds.”

2) Kraft Tags

Kraft tags are usually printed from paper where the material is created from high quality wood pulp. The pulp is chemically treated in a process called krafting. These tags are one of the more popular eco friendly options and can be very affordable depending on where you order them from.

3) Biodegradable tags- from hemp and linen, to kraft and flower, you can find the perfect options based on price, need, and material! Interested in different options? Check out these awesome sites and the links above to choose your fave!

Other tag options:

Which option is the best in our opinion?

With all the different options, it was tough to pick which one was our top choice. However, we felt that the biodegradable tags are the most environmentally friendly choice!

Whether they have flower seeds or are just strictly compostable- the benefits of using these surpass the other options because of the lack of waste created.

Here at PlanIt, we like to include a variety of different options for our clients from small things like tags to big things like packaging! Packaging is HUGE when it comes to being a sustainable business, so finding non-plastic options and eco-friendly packaging are key.

sustainable tag options

What is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging is dependent on the type of materials you use to package your items.

Biodegradable packaging is an excellent alternative to traditional packaging choices. If you’re unfamiliar with what biodegradable means, it means that the item is made of materials that can decompose. Don’t confuse this with compostable, which requires a certain level of heat and containment to break down and is more commonly seen.

There is a huge market for those who are interested in improving their sustainability efforts with their business and packaging is one of the best places to start!

sustainable packaging

The Reusable packaging association focuses on offering different types of eco-conscious, reusable packaging options for all of your needs.

Loop is another amazing option for reusable packaging needs! This global platform partners with different brands and manufacturers to offer refillable alternatives to single-use products.

Aluminum packaging is another option for recycled/recyclable products, but there are advantages and disadvantages to using it.

Although the recycle rate is higher, sites like Greenbiz explain that there may be more “trade offs in transportation emissions,” which is why reusable or compostable packaging is key, no matter the material.

Cellulose based packaging is a great option if you’re interested in having a clear packaging option. It is plant based and fully biodegradable, making it one of the more “green” options!

cellulose based packaging

So what’s the PlanIt verdict for best packaging?

Using reusable options! Whether it’s biodegradable or recyclable- making sure that you use options that can be reused is the best way to reduce your waste impacts on the environment.

sustainable packaging

What about shipping methods to decrease your carbon footprint?

The carbon footprints created from shipping items can be quite jarring, but you can offset the impacts by being environmentally conscious with shipping choices.

What you ultimately want to avoid when shipping products is being wasteful. Many times, we’ll see that some corporations (which shall not be named) send a singular (small) item in a large box. We can also see trends in these larger corporations filling these boxes with inflatable bags and packing peanuts that create a significant amount of waste in the environment.

Choosing carbon-neutral shipping options is the best way to offset these issues.

Tamga Designs is an excellent example of how a company can use sustainable methods to get their products to their customers. This company uses compostable, cassava based packaging for their items.

Choosing the right type of stuffing is also important. Instead of choosing to use plastic pellets or packing peanuts, opt for using different options like denim or paper stuffing for shipping packages.

Sunbasket is a great example of a small business that uses eco-friendly shipping options for their meal service kits.

They give their customers the option to choose which type of package stuffing they prefer, which is a great way to encourage your customers to be more eco-conscious.

sustainable packaging

IPC Pack is an excellent option for recyclable, insulated box liners. They offer a few different options for environmentally friendly box liners- which is great if you’re interested in trying out different ones!

recyclable packaging

So, which option is the best?

We believe that the best option is once again the compostable one. Although recycling is important, our recycling centers are overfilled with materials, which adds to the growing rate of excess products taking up space and creating waste.

If we can use compostable shipping materials, not only do we reduce our carbon footprint over time, but we also close the gap between production, shipping, and resource recovery.

need help to make your business eco friendly?


When we choose to become more environmentally conscious in our businesses, it truly is a marathon not a sprint. It takes time to cultivate the proper materials and resources to make sure your product is sustainably created and received.

Here at PlanIt, we help you get from points A to Z seamlessly, with a variety of options for your business based on budget, need, and size.

Interested in making your business more sustainable? Check out our services and our sustainability page to see what we offer! Our environmental business helps you establish a base, your goals, and your plan!


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