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How to Map out Your Content!

As business owners, we are consistently strapped for time. Work seems endless, and we are forced to walk away to maintain some balance. With our time, we need to be efficient and ensure we are doing things with purpose and direction- planning is key.

Map out your time better through content planning

How to map out content

It's helpful to map out your content using a scheduling app to see the approaching social media grid and make adjustments to ensure the look you desire for your brand. At the same time, consider when holidays, product launches, sales, events, and collaborations will be to ensure you integrate them into your social media content plan first. Once certain days are nailed into place, it's easier to map out the rest of the days around them and maintain a pleasing look.

mapping out content for PlanIt

Content Mapping Beyond Social Media

Take a pause and analyze where and what you are lacking in content. Is your website great, but you barely have enough content for social media? Do you only have photos and no video? Do you have all product content but no lifestyle content? Is your product content all over the place and lacking cohesion? Check out some of these well-curated Instagram accounts to see what you can do with your account:

Feeling inspired?!

Content should never be captured aimlessly. The colors, text, lighting, props, models, and locations should all be based on the brand image you have created and want to maintain.

Content Advice

1) Make sure you know the size of the image you need and if you need a horizontal or vertical image based on its purpose

2) If shooting video, ensure the audio and the light are good- you can't always make up for these mishaps in post (but Capcut sure has some great tools!)

3) Think about your brand image, then try creating variety within that spectrum. Use different angles, different models, and coordinating textures. What would you look like if you envisioned your brand as a lifestyle?


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