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Infuse Marketing Knowledge into your Content Shoots

Thanks to technology, a lot more people have cameras and can take photos than ever before. Are they good photos and good quality? Are they consistent and reliable? Maybe not.

using marketing knowledge to showcase a logo-free brand

Infuse your marketing knowledge into your content creation

1. Think about your target market when casting for your shoot. Who buys the product, how old are they, what do they look like, what is their vibe? If you’re trying to sell lingerie you wouldn’t have a model who is a peppy innocent cheerleader type. Plus she might feel uncomfortable. But that same girl might be perfect for modeling fitness clothing, running shoes, or portable fitness equipment!

2. Think about the logo or brand name and if it’s something that can be seen, make sure to show it. This is particularly important if you are shooting something that is hard to tell what brand it is, that logo or name is what sets it apart and makes it recognizable.

marketing knowledge of refillable skincare

3. Think about where these photos will go. If it’s for web, make sure you have plenty of horizontal images to use for banners, but vertical for the e-commerce component. If it’s for Instagram, it’s vertical all the way in order to get the most space on the feed. If it’s for an ad, make sure there is enough empty space to write something.

4. Think about how to make the product look as good as possible. If its a backpack, make sure you put stuff in it so it doesn't lay flat, if it's a make up campaign, make sure you have a great make up artist so the model looks BOMB. If it's an ingredient that can be used in recipes, make sure whoever preps that food makes it look so enticing that the image is even better than real life! You get the picture :)

Happy creating!!

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