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How to be a more Socially and Environmentally Conscious Business

If you've watched the news lately or any time within the last few years, you know climate change is occurring which means concern for our Earth is growing. More companies are switching to sustainable practices and following the trends of sustainability.

In the rise of sustainability, it's important to know how to be environmentally and socially conscious as a sustainable business in order to build a trustworthy audience, while improving your business as a whole as well as other people. You want to create a lasting impact on customers by finding the right solutions and developing sustainability goals.

Here are a few things to do as a business!

  • Host a beach cleanup and invite your audience to join

  • Partner with organizations like One Tree Planted, it'll give your customers the option to plant a tree when they purchase from you

  • Make sure your packaging, manufacturing and all your practices are sustainable (Quick tip: look for biodegradable packaging as your first option, then reusable!)

  • Shop secondhand for products you might need for your business

  • Donate supplies to local organizations near you and encourage your audience to do the same

  • Host a documentary night featuring your favorites to educate your community


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