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How Our Change Agency Values Success

Components of Success

Success from Teamwork

To us, teamwork and building a good team are one of the biggest components of business success. Teamwork means trust in each individual to uphold their part of the agreement to the best of their ability. It means communicating if there is a struggle or if you need input. It means relying on other people because those people alleviate some of your stress, and together, you carry the load.

These people can or cannot be your employees or independent contractors, maybe you work entirely solo and these teammates are other businesses you collaborate with or trade help/services with. Maybe it’s your board of advisors? Or maybe it’s simply a group of trusted friends and family members that care, are your clientele, and will give valuable input to help you be better.

There’s no recipe here, but having support is truly essential to success because, without it, it’s hard to keep pounding the pavement.

planit owner with client sharing a coffee

Success from an Inclusive Culture

At PlanIt Branding, we think of success differently than most businesses because it is not purely a numbers game for us. We strive to create an inclusive and positive business culture where our contractors, clients, and clients' customers all feel valued and included in the process.

PlanIt's owner wearing the clients she works with
Big Island’s slow fashion, linen clothing brand Kepola Design

Success when you never lose sight of your Passion

Your passion is your guiding star and the force behind what you do. Your work and mental health will suffer if your passion is not nurtured. Find another way to motivate you if your job cannot always provide that nurture.

Success if you stay true to your Values

It is essential to develop your set of values as a business owner, just as it is as a human. Stick to those values and trust your gut. Do not make decisions in haste; think about how those decisions will impact you, your customers, your community, and the planet. Think about that impact now, in 5 years, 10. years and even 50 years. If we all practiced with more intention, imagine how the world would be :)

Success when you Contribute to your Local Community

Whether that’s by providing free or discounted services/goods to those in need, volunteering, donating a % of sales, supporting fellow local and small businesses, etc.

Success if you Positively Influence Your Customer’s Mindset

You can have a long-lasting effect on your customers' buying behavior, so use the power wisely and educate them through what you sell, how you communicate your message, and how you present your products. Education opportunities are everywhere, but some are more obvious to your customers than others.

Tradition Financial Success while Sticking to your Mission and Vision

At the end of the day, we all have expenses and need to live. You need to ensure you value your time and skills as a professional enough to pay your bills and not feel constant stress. Your work, attitude, and health will suffer if you are not mindful.

Thanks for reading, and as always, if you need help, contact us!


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