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How do we as an environmental marketing agency select the brands we work with?

Simple. We work with brands that share one of two goals.

1) they are already sustainable and looking to grow, while spreading the message and educating consumers and businesses about sustainable, ethical practices. These are typically new or very small businesses that are going above and beyond to do things with such care that they struggle with margins and also with managing all that they need to in order to grow. They have a voice and a passion but often times just dont have the time to communicate it. Or perhaps they can think it but they simply can't create it.

2) they are already established but looking to make changes to be a more environmentally sustainable brand (varying levels) and need guidance on how to transform their brand and rebrand their image. Businesses decide to rebrand for all sorts of reasons but with recent local, national, and global mandates, coupled with an increasing demand for ethical and environmentally sustainable, previously established companies are scrambling to make changes and keep up with their competition. They are reformulating, re-designing, and restructuring sometimes the entire company in order to stay relevant. But sometimes they dont know where to start and whats possible, that's where we come in. Or maybe they know what's possible and want to make those changes, but need to fully rebrand to fix their image and customer relationship and need to do some damage control to gain back trust. We can help there too. Or maybe they just see a growing shift and want to jump on the train and want us to conduct the ride!

No matter the type of business you are we offer fully customized services from consulting and market research, to design and image creation, to content creation, to web development, to social media strategy! We have a talented team of individuals who can tackle all sorts of things depending on your need. So contact us today to see what works for you!


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