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Growing Your Business and Your Brand

Planning for Successful Growth

I would never recommend anyone attempt to expand their business before they have a concrete expansion plan. You need to know your goals and when and how you want to achieve them.

Questions to ask yourself

How much extra time will you need to set aside to achieve your goals?

What physical and mental things must you do to achieve these goals?

When are you able to start your business expansion plan?

Growing a business is not Easy

Certain things in your life will have to be put on hold temporarily. You will have to reallocate some of your current work time, spend a little more money, and make a little less money than you are used to or comfortable with. You must be willing to take that risk and commit 100% to what lies ahead.

Factors to consider before entering your growth plan

Think about your current work responsibilities and the members of your team. Do you need more people, do you need more money, do you need more time in the day?

If money is a struggle, are there things that you can cut out that are additional and nonessential to reallocate to your growth strategy?

How do we create more time? Do a little audit of your day. What do you do with your time? How much time is spent on your phone? Watching TV? Lounging? What other things are you doing with your day that could be more constructive and don’t necessarily add to the positivity of your day? If you are doing tasks that could be completed while doing something relative to your growth strategy, how can you work to be better at multitasking?

Can you play less on the weekends and commit more time to being constructive? Just for now! You must build momentum and push hard until you can get more help and delegate your workload.

owner of PlanIt Branding working remotely with clients
You’re an entrepreneur, you’re office can be anywhere as long as you can focus!

Take care of Yourself

You need to figure out what provides you with the most mental and physical relief and integrate that into your schedule to prevent burnout. You need to figure out how many hours you can physically work before the quality of your work decreases. Take notes.

Take breaks. Right before you hit the breaking point, stand up, walk around, eat, stand outside, etc. This allows you to reset and return to your work with more efficiency. Figuring out your working and resting style is an essential balance needed to achieve your goals.

Being an entrepreneur and growing a business is not for everyone. However, if you’re driven to do it and enjoy being creative, working hard, and being your own boss, all the hard work is worthwhile, in my opinion.

If this is overwhelming and you need help, please get in touch with us for a free consultation!


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