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An Environmental Marketing Agency's guide to Aligning with your dreams: Part One

Alignment is a state of being where you are in tune with your most authentic self. This is the self that encompasses the magnificent, unique being that you are. The one who confidently walks through life knowing they are divinely guided on their journey.

When we are not living with integrity, our external reality will reflect what is occurring internally. Sometimes when we fall out of alignment, we may tend to experience more stress or stagnancy in our lives.

What we experience in our daily lives is a result of the conscious/unconscious thoughts that we've had about how our lives should play out based on various circumstances.

Do you find yourself generally attracting a lot of conflicts, low paying or unfulfilling jobs, or a lot of stagnancy in your life? It could be a result of what you are giving your time and energy to.

You may be saying, "Well, how do I avoid what I don't want?"

You focus your energy on what you do want! You put your efforts towards creating the life of your dreams vs just dreaming about it. You say to yourself "this WILL happen" not, "I hope this will happen."

We receive what we put energy into. We "reap what we sow.”

Do you know the saying hope for the best but expect the worst?"

Although the phrase is meant to be well intentioned, it actually tells you to "prepare" for the worst case scenario.

When we spend our time preparing for what we would do in those "bad" moments, we start to give our energy to that timeline instead of the timeline where it is the best case scenario for us.

You see, our subconscious mind creates 90% of our reality. So even though our conscious, "rational" mind is what we operate from in the physical, our subconscious holds all of the things we learned and recited internally growing up. Sometimes limitations and abundance blockages come from thoughts trapped in the subconscious. These thoughts could be caused by money limitations you heard growing up.

Maybe you grew up in an environment where money was scarce. So you have a mindset that reflects what you saw growing up as a child. If you were constantly hearing things like, "You need to get a good job so you have money to support yourself," or "that's not a job, that's a hobby," or "it's impossible to make enough money to survive pursuing that," then you probably subconsciously operate from that standpoint.

Most of us go through life carrying expectations and baggage that is not ours. It’s hard to realize this until you take a step back and look at the limiting beliefs that are still shaping your views on the world.

Whatever limitations were imposed on you growing up don’t have to define your life. YOU have the most significant say in how your life will turn out. Our parents, friends, and loved ones all have different upbringings and experiences with things like money and careers. It takes recognition of this to really start changing things in your life.

The reality is, we can't control what happens in life, but we do have the power to influence which direction our life will go in. We are all on a unique, individual journey on this planet. So don't let other external limitations or projections keep you from pursuing your dreams.

Put your energy and thoughts towards the best version of your life that you can imagine. Work towards the things that bring you joy, and abundance will follow.

Whether that be a new job, taking a more sustainable route in life, changing your lifestyle, moving to a new city, picking up a new hobby- whatever it is, you can create the life of your dreams if you believe that it is possible for you.

Believing it is the first step in achieving it.

What we believe is what we start to see play out in our reality. What are you expecting out of life? Do you let a few failures define who you are? Are you constantly preparing for the worst case scenario? What do you believe about your capabilities? Do you believe you have the creativity to live out the life of your dreams?

More importantly, do you believe that you deserve the life of your dreams?

You are so worthy of a beautiful life! Life is not meant to be lived solely to survive. You are meant to thrive and love. Reclaim your power and go be the best version of you, you deserve it!

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