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Job descriptions


Business development specialist and financial analyst

- Ability to create or guide clients to create business plans after determining their mission, vision and values. 

- Ability to conduct pricing structure and break-even analysis, helping to get better margins while factoring in environmental impact.

- Ability to consider potential channels of distribution and set up distribution accounts if needed. 

- Understanding the core of solid management skills, hiring and firing, and contract writing. 

- Ability to create and send out invoices and deliver materials to clients.

**When applying, please describe some businesses you’ve worked with in this way, what you learned from those experiences, and how you altered your approach or expectations based upon those experiences


Social media manager

- Ability to learn and embody our clients and post content as our clients. Ability to craft social media strategy plans across multiple social media platforms depending on the type of client. 

- Employing cross promotion strategies, finding and managing influencers for client accounts, monitoring and reacting to insights. 

- Ability to managing DM’s and comments, and strategically figure out other accounts worth following and engaging with, as well as posts worth liking. 

- Creation and management of stories, reels, TikToks, Pins, hashtags, highlights, and posts. 

- Utilizing insights to connect with other segments of market and know when to post and what content performs best with target market. 

- Understanding social media growth strategies and willing to continuously update knowledge based upon updated algorithms. 

- Communicating with PlanIt content team and client to make sure all information and content is delivered in time to advance plan and get approval of content by management. 

**When applying, please note any Instagram accounts you have run and grown, including your own, and where you think you are strongest in your social media management game.



We create commercials and short videos for our clients and would prefer to have composed and specific music created for each of our clients, including our nonprofit, which makes short videos and feature length documentaries. 

**When applying, please send at minimum 5 music samples and note which instruments you play and how you would describe your style/s of music. Also include other projects you have composed for with links/samples


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